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Cal Poly Alumni Association Board of Directors

Executive Committee

President Tom Lebens (EL '89)
President-Elect Kirstie Boyett (IT '96)
Legal Counsel Jeff Radding
Chief Financial Officer Grant Trexler, Ph.D. (AGB ’83, MBA ’85)
Executive Vice President--Ex Officio Ellen J. Cohune (SPC, '88)
University Representative Deborah Read, Vice President, University Advancement


Regional Director, Central Valley Donny Rocha (DSCI, '03)
Regional Director, Northern CA Bassel Anber (CM '94)
Regional Director, Northern CA Mike Cook (LARC '01)
Regional Director, Southern CA Rik Floyd (ECON '79)
Regional Director, Southern CA Mike Salacci (BUS '81)
Regional Director, Central Coast CA Erica Stewart (HE '97)
CSU Alumni Council Representative Steve McShane (SS '98)
Director at Large Karan Pohl (BUS '98)
Faculty Director Vacant
Poly Rep President Nick Taylor (REC '13)

College and Unit Directors

College of Agriculture, Food, and Environmental Sciences
Nelia Alamo (CRSC '97)
College of Architecture & Environmental Design John M. Maple (Arch '74)
Orfalea College of Business John Wills (BUS '78)
College of Engineering Kevin Neifert (ME '84)
College of Liberal Arts Mary Harris (POLS '80)
College of Science & Mathematics Joan Pinder (CHEM '79)
Cal Poly Athletics Kelley Bannon Lashley (POLS '95)