Honored Alumni Awards

The Honored Alumni Award is the highest honor bestowed upon Cal Poly alumni by the University’s Alumni Association. The award was established more than 30 years ago by the Association to provide recognition for outstanding graduates and former students of Cal Poly.

One Honored Alumni Award recipient is chosen every year from the University’s six academic colleges: Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences; Architecture and Environmental Design; Engineering; Liberal Arts; Orfalea College of Business; Science and Mathematics; and the School of Education (formerly College of Education, added to the College of Science and Mathematics in July, 2009).

The Cal Poly Alumni Association presents two awards annually: the Distinguished Service Award to an alumnus or alumna who has demonstrated exceptional service to Cal Poly and the Alumni Association, and the Sandra Gardebring Ogren Leadership Award to an individual who is an accomplished leader in life and an indespensable supporter of Cal Poly.

Awardees are honored each year during Homecoming at the Honored Alumni Banquet.


Past Honored Alumni and Distinguished Service Award Recipients

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Agriculture, Food & Environmental Sciences: Peter Oppenheimer
Architecture & Environmental Design: Ted A. Hyman​
Business: Michael C. Bickel​
Engineering: Carson C. Chen
Liberal Arts: Kelli L. Seybolt
Science & Mathematics: Michael R. Abbott
CPAA Distinguished Service Award Recipient: Bassel M. Anber
CPAA Leadership Award: Jon N. Monett

Agriculture, Food & Environmental Sciences: Charles (Chuck) L. Harrington
Architecture & Environmental Design: Paul H. Hamalian
Business: Rik Floyd
Engineering: Beth F. Anderson
Liberal Arts: Thomas J. Gallo
Science & Mathematics: Brian J. Hackney
CPAA Distinguished Service Award Recipient: Alfred W. Amaral, Jr.
CPAA Leadership AwardDr. Philip S. Bailey, Jr.

Agriculture, Food & Environmental Sciences: Michael H. Hall and Wendy H. Hall
Architecture & Environmental Design: Jack A. Berridge
Business: Joanne Dowty Smith
Engineering: Nannette M. Van Antwerp
Liberal Arts: Michela C. O'Connor Abrams
Science & Mathematics: James T. Woolaway
CPAA Distinguished Service Award Recipient: George H. Soares
CPAA Leadership Award: Warren A. Sinsheimer

Agriculture, Food & Environmental Sciences: John F. Salmonson
Architecture & Environmental Design: David J. Gilmore
Business: Patrick M. DeLong
Engineering: Richard A. Bergquist
Liberal Arts: Mike Griffith
Science & Mathematics: Eric E. Schadt
CPAA Distinguished Service Award Recipient: Ken B. Stone
CPAA Leadership Award: Marilyn Edling

Agriculture, Food & Environmental Sciences: Ken Volk
Architecture & Environmental Design: James E. Grant
Business: George A. Famalett
Engineering: Ronald Smith
Liberal Arts: Hiroki Asai
Science & Mathematics: John McDevitt
CPAA Distinguished Service Award Recipient: Warren J. Baker, President Emeritis
CPAA Leadership Award: Sandra Garbering-Ogren

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Agriculture, Food & Environmental Sciences: Ed Boutonnet
Architecture & Environmental Design: Wallace B. Gordon
Business: Darran S. Littlefield
Education: Arlene B. Chandler
Engineering: Jon Monett
Liberal Arts: Paul L. Cousineau
Science & Mathematics: Robert H. Davis
CPAA Distinguished Service Award Recipient: Manfred Sander

Agriculture, Food & Environmental Sciences: Joe A. Bannon
Architecture & Environmental Design: Rebekah G. Gladson
Business: B. Quentin Lilly
Education: Christina Hansen McEnroe
Engineering: Gregory E. Chamitoff
Liberal Arts: Robert C. Tapella
Science & Mathematics: Anne Marie Bergen
CPAA Distinguished Service Award Recipient: Nancy McCracken

Agriculture, Food & Environmental Sciences: Omer L. King, Jr.
Architecture & Environmental Design: Mark B. Haselton
Business: Lori Ann DeMatteis
Education: Marilyn K. Hamilton
Engineering: Kevin T. Neifert
Liberal Arts: Robert A. Mayhew
Science & Mathematics: William H. Fenical
CPAA Distinguished Service Award Recipient: Robin P. Baldwin

Agriculture, Food & Environmental Sciences: George Gowgani
Architecture & Environmental Design: Brent Dicken*
Business: Bill Chillingworth
Education: Ken Dyar
Engineering: Susan Mooney Johnson
Liberal Arts: Ray Hartman
Science & Mathematics: Diana Barnhart
CPAA Distinguished Service Award Recipient: M. Richard Andrews

Agriculture: Bonnie Rosser
Architecture & Environmental Design: Ken Stone
Business: Stephen Giusto
Education: Jaime Cuello
Engineering: Alfonso Rodriguez
Liberal Arts: Fran Durekas
Science & Mathematics: William Frost
CPAA Distinguished Service Award Recipient: Jack Spaulding

Agriculture: Gene Starkey
Architecture & Environmental Design: Mark Montoya
Business: Thomas deRegt
Education: Nanci Bell
Engineering: Paul Martin
Liberal Arts: Gretchen Bataille
Science & Mathematics: Dianne Wilson-Graham
CPAA Distinguished Service Award Recipient: Wes Witten

Agriculture: Stephen Barnard
Architecture & Environmental Design: Peter Berg*
Business: David Kinney
Education: Gail Uilkema
Engineering: Conrad Young
Liberal Arts: Mary Aquino-Crebassa
Science & Mathematics: Bobby Beathard
CPAA Distinguished Service Award Recipient: Ellis McClure*

Agriculture: Manfred Sander
Architecture & Environmental Design: Milford Wayne Donaldson
Business: Michael Byrd
Education: Barbara L. Blanke
Engineering: Rick Sturckow
Liberal Arts: Lee J. Sapaden, Sr.
Science & Mathematics: Mark J. Newland
CPAA Distinguished Service Award Recipient: R. James Considine

Agriculture: George P. Foster
Architecture & Environmental Design: Emanuele Barelli*
Business:Michael W. Deisenroth
Education: Don M. Morris
Engineering: Paul R. Bonderson, Jr.
Liberal Arts: Peggy Peterson
Science & Mathematics: L. Byron Culver
CPAA Distinguished Service Award Recipient: Everett Chandler

Agriculture: James R. Errecarte
Architecture & Environmental Design: Robin L. Rossi
Business: H. Lee Dempsey
Education: Nancy L. Depue
Engineering: Gary L. Bloom
Liberal Arts: Mary K. LaVenture
Science & Mathematics: William J. Allison
CPAA Distinguished Service Award Recipient: Richard O’Neill*>

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Agriculture: Robert L. Scofield
Architecture & Environmental Design: Eugene E. Cole
Business: Donald R. Fischbach
Education: Robert D. Heuvel
Engineering: Rory A. Cooper
Liberal Arts: Mark A. Coudray
Science & Mathematics: William R. Livesay
CPAA Distinguished Service Award Recipient: Owen L. Servatius*

Agriculture: Ralph E. Grossi
Architecture & Environmental Design: Gerald G. Green
Business: Peter M. Oser
Education: Hugo E. Lara
Engineering: Walter W. Wilson
Liberal Arts: Barbara J. Raines
Science & Mathematics: Richard J. Bradshaw

Agriculture: Tom J. Bordonaro, Jr.
Architecture & Environmental Design: Kenneth A. Rodrigues
Business: Lori Holland
Engineering: Candice L. Hatch
Liberal Arts: Nevada Barr
Science & Mathematics: Lewis A. Cryer

Agriculture: Alfred G. Montna
Architecture & Environmental Design: Donald W. Dreusike
Business: Steven R. Kitson
Engineering: Robert E. Wulf
Liberal Arts: Brian P. Lawler
Science & Mathematics: Thomas Payne*

Agriculture: Howard C. Brown*
Architecture & Environmental Design: Thomas A. Sabol
Business: Thomas G. Stanford
Engineering: Tony N. Domit
Liberal Arts: Mary A. Harris
Science & Mathematics: Sally V. Fox

Agriculture: Rick L. Antle
Architecture & Environmental Design: Ernesto M. Vasquez
Business: C. J. Nelson
Engineering: Dean C. Borgman
Libral Arts: Ralph M. Hinds*
Science & Mathematics: Margaret J Hartman

Agriculture: John W. Lacey
Architecture & Environmental Design: Dean M. Gelvin
Business: Mike Mantle
Engineering: James R. Phillips
Liberal Arts: Robert A. Coltrin Jr.
Science & Mathematics: David R. Burgess

Agriculture: Guenther Stotzky
Architecture& Environmental Design: Jacque L. Keller
Business: W. John Schmidt
Engineering: Gary L. Boerman
Liberal Arts: Paul H. Simon
Science & Mathematics: Charles R. Manclark

Agriculture: Daniel A. Sumner
Architecture& Environmental Design: Douglas H. Austin
Business: Philip J. Oberti
Engineering: William H. Swanson
Liberal Arts: Dorothy E. Newell
Professional Studies: Robert A. Leveque
Science & Mathematics: Robert R. Treanor

Agriculture: W. R. Gomes
Architecture& Environmental Design: Paul C. Crawford*
Business: Jay R. Mitchell
Engineering: Kathleen A. Holmgren
Liberal Arts: Paul B. Israel
Professional Studies and Education: Carolyn B. Shank
Science & Mathematics: Gary J. Brusca*

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Agriculture: Alfred W. Amaral, Jr.
Architecture & Environmental Design: Christopher J. Smith
Business: Marc L. Loupe
Engineering: Alfred Qoyawayma
Liberal Arts: Fred C. Schack
Professional Studies: Guy H. Thomas, Jr.*
Science & Mathematics: Michael R. McGinnis

Agriculture: Albert B. Simth*
Architecture & Environmental Design: M. John Vickerman, Jr.
Business: Thomas M. Racciatti
Engineering: Isaac R. Barpal
Liberal Arts: Ed Wilson
Professional Studies: Virginia C. Bailey
Science & Mathematics: Peter J. Reitz

Agriculture: George H. Soares
Architecture & Environmental Design: C. Nicholas Watry, III
Business: Lee A. Doble, Jr
Engineering: Paul E. Wright
Liberal Arts: Loretta J. Adamski
Professional Studies: Roger Ynostroza
Science & Mathematics: David H. Montgomery* & Geraldine Owen Montgomery

Agriculture: Merle H. Jensen
Architecture & Environmental Design: Michael A. Theilacker
Business: Joan J. Heady
Engineering: Robert L. Gibson
Liberal Arts: Susan R. Mussard
Professional Studies: Timothy E. Boyle
Science & Mathematics: Edward W. Newton

No Award Ceremony

Agriculture: Al J. Quist
Architecture & Environmental Design: Deborah A. Weldon
Business: William C. Siefkin
Communcative Arts & Humanities: Patricia L. Cassidy
Engineering: James C. Holcombe
Professional Studies: Daniel C. Fulmer
Science & Mathematics: Howard W. Braham

Agriculture & Natural Resources: George J. Gomes
Architecture & Environmental Design: Ray Takata*
Business: Owen L. Servatius*
Communicative Arts & Humanities: George M. Ramos
Engineering & Technology: Leonard Van Cott
Human Development & Education: Marilyn K. Hamilton
Science & Mathematics: Theodora W. Jackson

Agriculture & Natural Resources: Robert L. Meyer
Architecture & Environmental Design: David A. Wright
Business: Roger C. Rohrs
Communicative Arts & Humanities: Jack R. Hubbs
Engineering & Technology: Wesley M. Witten
Human Development & Education: Dale W. Andrews*
Science & Mathematics: Gail M. Lohse

Agriculture & Natural Resources: Douglas Maddox
Architecture & Environmental Design: Lawrence L. Simons
Business: Rush N. Hill, II
Communicative Arts & Humanities: Janine T. Metcalf
Engineering & Technology: Kenneth E. Woodgrift
Human Development & Education: Peter J. Cutino*
Science & Mathematics: H. Vincent Jacobs

Agriculture & Natural Resources: Richard I. Loomis
Architecture & Environmental Design: James R. McGranahan
Business: M. Richard Andrews
Communicative Arts & Humanities: Tom Kline
Engineering & Technology: Robert J. Akins
Human Development & Education: Marjorie C. Sue
Science & Mathematics: Michael P. Sherman


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Agriculture & Natural Resources: William R. Verdugo*
Architecture & Environmental Design: Inge Rose
Business: H. D. Miller
Communicative Arts & Humanities: Robert G. Flood
Division of Social Science: Sterling Grogan
Engineering & Technology: Sam McCutcheon
Human Development & Education: Merna McMillan
Science & Mathematics: Gerald A. Fialho

Agriculture & Natural Resources: Jack Wick*
Architecture & Environmental Design: Paul R. Neel
Business: Clifton C. Maclin Jr.
Engineering & Technology: Alvin W. Trivelpiece
Science & Mathematics: Ronald Pardini

Agriculture & Natural Resources: Thomas C. Veblen
Architecture & Environmental Design: Donald H. Bensen
Business: Norman R. Buller
Communicative Arts & Humanities: James E. Dearinger
Divison of Social Sciences: John F. Collins
Engineering & Technology: Deane N. Aboudara*
Human Development & Education: Shirley L. McCallum
Science & Mathematics: Candice A. Morgan

Agriculture & Natural Resources: Edwin L. Hobson
Architecture & Environmental Design: George Ikenoyama
Business: Lamar Smith
Communicative Arts & Humanities: Jack S. Pelzer*
Engineering & Technology: Lawrence L. Mayhew
Human Development & Education: Linda M. Bradford
Science & Mathematics: Glenn R. Stewart

Agriculture & Natural Resources: George W. Strathearn*
Architecture & Environmental Design: Roger F. Honberger
Business: R. James Considine, Jr.
Communicative Arts & Humanities: Larry E. Rolufs
Engineering & Technology: Ben N. Balsey
Human Development & Education: John E. Madden

Agriculture & Natural Resources: Edward W. Bradshaw, Jr.
Architecture& Environmental Design: Bernard C. Adams
Business & Social Science: Warren L. Church
Communicative Arts & Humanities: Vern F. Highley*
Engineering & Technology: Martin R. Engler, Jr.
Human Development & Education: Gordon L. Ray
President Designee: Alex G. Spanos

Agriculture & Natural Resources: John B. Carricaburu*
Architecture & Environmental Design: Joel A. Rottman*
Business & Social Science: Bobby J. Gaston
Communicative Arts & Humanities: Janice L. Lynch
Engineering & Technology: Roy T. Brophy*
Engineering & Technology: Ronald L. Varner

Agriculture & Natural Resources: Jack C. Anderson
Architecture & Environmental Design: Homer T. Delawie*
Business & Social Science: Frederick Tilford Honore
Communicative Arts & Humanities: Robert J. Wilson
Engineering & Technology: Robert J. Conkling
Engineering & Technology: Norris S. Nahman
Human Development & Education: Martha C. Eichorn
Science & Mathematics: Charles W. Patterson
Science & Mathematics: Robert B. Samuels

Agriculture & Natural Resources: Chester O. McCorkle, Jr.
Architecture & Environmental Design: William R. Richardson
Business: Mitchell H. States
Communicative Arts & Humanities: Robert W. Norton
Engineering & Technology: Robet J. Lang*
Human Development & Education: Richard C. Tucker
Human Development & Education: Marlene D. VanWagner
Science & Mathematics: Harold A. Kurth*

Agriculture & Natural Resources: George Raymond*
Architecture & Environmental Design: James M. Luckman
Business & Social Science: M. Gordon Jones
Communicative Arts & Humanities: Emmons Blake*
Engineering & Technology: William H. Holman*
Engineering & Technology: Philip D.K. Tyau
Human Development & Education: Ann Davis
Science and Mathematics: John P. Hartnett


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Carl Gill* (AGRI)
Benito A. Sinclair (ARCH)

Ronald D. Regan (OH)

Donald J. Van Harreveld* (ME)

Donald R. Fiester Jr.* (CRSC)

Verner A. Mize (EE)

Robert L. Smith (ASCI)

John E. Jones (CRSC)

Frederic K. Van Biene (EL)

Alfred F. Miossi* (MA)

Helen Wong Jean (Household Arts)
Fred W. Louis* (ME)
W. Young Louis (EE)


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Herman M. Sperber (Horticultural Science & Inspection)*

Rollo A. Beaty (Dairy)*

F. Duane Southard*
Fred M. Southard*
Gordon C. Southard*
Ralph H. Southard*

George W. Wilson*

Sigurd F. Varian

Walter T. Wells*

(* = Deceased )

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