CPAA Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement
Cal Poly and the Alumni Association are committed to preserving the privacy of alumni and friends at all times. The information in the online e-mail forwarding directory will not be used for any commercial or philanthropic purpose not directly connected with or approved by Cal Poly; nor will copies be made; nor will the original information or facsimile be given, lent, or sold to any other individual or organization. There are a few approved outside vendor relationships. We believe you may wish to take advantage of their services. You can always inform us to exclude yourself from third-party mailings.

Online E-mail Forwarding Directory
This site has password-protected, secure areas which enable alumni and friends to connect with each other. Information that is given in the online e-mail forwarding directory to activate your account is sent to the Advancement Database to keep your record current. The online e-mail forwarding directory can only be accessed by Cal Poly alumni. Alumni that choose to activate their e-mail forwarding account can choose to be included in the online e-mail forwarding directory.

Advancement Database
Cal Poly will guard the privacy of users' personal information. Cal Poly does not and will not sell mailing lists for non-university use, put ads in e-mail sent by Cal Poly, or received through the e-mail forwarding system. All biographical information provided by users to Cal Poly is sent to Cal Poly's Advancement Services in order to update official alumni records. This data is used in accordance with existing laws and Cal Poly’s policies and procedures.

Alumni E-mail Distribution System
When an alum or friend subscribes to an e-mail list or provides an e-mail address for other purposes, his or her e-mail address is recorded. That address is used for sending out future mailings via e-mail. That address may also be used for general Cal Poly announcements. Click here to be removed from the alumni e-mail distribution system.

Affinity Partners
An affinity program is an agreement between the Alumni Association and a carefully selected business partner to offer discounted services or benefits to our alumni in areas such as travel, insurance, credit cards or banking services. In addition to services for alumni, these affinity partners give a portion of their business back to the Cal Poly Alumni Association. This in turn supports numerous areas of the university such as student scholarships, the development of alumni programs and communications to engender alumni support for current and future Cal Poly students. These types of partnerships also provide support for many alumni events and programs. We remain committed to your privacy and comfort and understand if you no longer wish to receive these offers.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns by sending an e-mail to or calling (888) CAL-POLY.

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