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Senior Checklist

Are you ready to graduate? Use this checklist for your final six quarters.

FYI: The student loan repayment process begins when the loan borrower drops below half-time units. Check with Student Accounts if this occurs.

6 Quarters Prior to Graduation

  • Meet with academic advisor to review six-quarter plan to graduation
  • Fulfill the Graduation Writing Requirement (GWR)
  • If considering a health or veterinary career path: Make appointment with health/veterinary professions advisor; solicit letters of recommendation; prepare (study) for appropriate entrance exams
  • Apply for summer job/internship/research fellowship or Co-op - check with Career Services or academic department

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5 Quarters Prior to Graduation

  • Find out requirements for senior project from your department and begin talking to faculty about possible projects
  • If considering graduate/professional school and related career options: Meet with academic advisor or Career Services career counselor; begin working on personal statement; schedule professional school entrance examinations (click here for tips)
  • If considering a health or veterinary career path: Schedule interview with campus Health Professions Committee; complete personal statement (you may seek assistance from the campus writing center, faculty members, or Career Services career counselor); take health or veterinary profession entrance examinations.

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4 Quarters Prior to Graduation

  • Apply for graduation evaluation
  • Participate in summer job/internship, research fellowship, or Co-op experience
  • If considering a health or veterinary career path, finalize professional school application
  • If considering graduate or other professional school, begin researching possible schools

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3 Quarters Prior to Graduation

  • Review graduation plan with your academic advisor or evaluator and confirm remaining classes and requirements; take evaluation/curriculum sheet to advisor or evaluator, if completed
  • Begin senior project; to be completed no later than final quarter
  • If considering health or veterinary career path, complete application and interview process
  • If considering graduate or other professional school: Take Graduate Records Examination - Contact campus test office; solicit letters of recommendation to accompany school application; attend Graduate/Professional Day - contact Career Services; apply to graduate schools
  • If considering career employment following graduation: Contact Career Services to discuss career employment assistance and job- search strategies; complete and submit resume and registration on Mustang Jobs; research potential employers, salaries, and hiring trends for your major ( Career Services, academic departments, self-initiated); begin employment interviews (Career Services, job fairs, self-initiated)
  • Consider making hotel reservations for graduation weekend for family and friends

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2 Quarters Prior to Graduation

  • Evaluations Unit in the Office of Academic Records returns your graduation evaluation to your local address on record
  • Continue working on senior project
  • Check with academic advisor prior to registration period to review final quarter course offerings and ensure all requirements for graduation are accounted for; bring degree audit report
  • If considering career employment following graduation: Update personal resume and cover letter (Career Services); continue employment interviews (Career Services, job fairs, self-initiated)
  • If considering health or veterinary career path, continue interview and application process with appropriate schools
  • If considering graduate or other professional schools: Schedule mock interview with Career Services career counselor; continue application process

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Final Quarter Prior to Graduation

  • Complete senior project and turn in to faculty advisor
  • Check with academic advisor to ensure all paperwork is approved and submitted to the Evaluations Unit of the Office of Academic Records
  • If considering career employment following graduation: Update personal resume and cover letter - Career Services; continue employment interviews - Career Services, job fairs, self-initiated
  • Mark your calendars for Grad Days (Fall - October/Spring - April) at El Corral Bookstore (or online) to order diploma frames, class rings, and graduation announcements
  • Complete the required student loan exit interview process via Student Accounts
  • Check the balance of your Cal Poly student account through the "Student Transaction" channel on my.calpoly.edu and pay off or make payment arrangements on any balance due to Cal Poly
  • Update address via "Personal Information" channel on my.calpoly.edu to ensure that degree status notification is received
  • Visit the Grad Center (Fall - November/Spring - May) at El Corral Bookstore to register for the graduation ceremony and order your cap, gown and tassel
  • Order an official transcript from the Office of Academic Records and request that it be sent immediately following the posting of degree. This will confirm that your degree has been awarded.
  • If you have a privacy flag (FERPA) on your record and would like to receive updates from Cal Poly after graduation, you must update your record by removing the privacy flag. Go to Office of Academic Records for more information.
  • Sign up for free Lifetime E-mail Forwarding through the Alumni Association

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