65mph with a car that has no engine and no batteries?

We're the Cal Poly Prototype Vehicles Lab, and we're going to prove it!

PROVE Lab is over 60 Cal Poly students from 13 different majors, and we're building the world's fastest solar-powered car. We want to break a world record to inspire people. We want to show people - especially kids - that science and technology have a bright future, but we need to raise at least $20,000 during April to finish the car and break our record.

Help us do it, and show the world what Cal Poly is about!

PROVE Lab Solar-Powered Land Speed Record
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Where will YOUR donation go?

Finish construction with our professional build partner, Westerly Marine.

Upgrade our wheel motors - right now the efficiency of our test motors would hold us back from hitting our goal speed of 65mph.

Have Guinness come out and certify our record - it doesn't mean anything unless it's official.